"There’s no difference between forcing women to wear hijab and forcing them not to wear. The ultimate decision must be that of the individual"
- Laurie Balbo


A series of photographs taken by ‘Bruce Davidson’ entitled ‘Brooklyn Gang’ He followed a group of teenaged who claimed the streets of Brooklyn NY as their turf.

“I found myself involved with a group of unpredictable youths who were mostly indifferent to me. In time, they allowed me to witness their fear, depression, and anger. I soon realized that I, too, was feeling some of their pain. In staying close to them, I uncovered my own feelings of failure, frustration, and rage.”

(Source: exprexs, via girlsandguns)

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"Most women fight wars on two fronts, one for whatever the putative topic is and one simply for the right to speak, to have ideas, to be acknowledged to be in possession of facts and truths, to have value, to be a human being"
- Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me, 10-11

rebecca solnit

"But explaining men still assume that I am, in some sort of obscene impregnation metaphor, an empty vessel to be filled with their wisdom and knowledge."
- Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me (Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2014), 9

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Terry Malts - Let You In

"Let You In" is taken from Terry Malts’ new Insides EP, out September 23 via Slumberland.

At my old job, I used to have to read press releases, which is fun in a nausea-inducing way. However, the press release accompanying this release is a gem, so I am going to reprint it here in support.

Since 2010, and over two albums and a slew of singles and tapes, Terry Malts have been exploring the murky area where hope meets disgust, an area populated with anger, hatred, exhaustion, delusion, seclusion, consumption, life, death, breathing, eating, and a host of other conflicting and confusing ideas. Their records to date have been a refreshing blast of catchy punk, pop-influenced but also chaotic, noisy, [and] shredding. Imagine Bubba from Void sitting in with the Descendents and you’re part of the way there. Fall 2013’s “Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere” was their most concise release yet - a concentrated blast of melodic bile that cast a long look at life and didn’t always like what it saw.

Now Terry Malts are releasing their first new material in almost a year. The “Insides EP” might be their most “pop” record yet, but don’t let that make you believe that they’ve given up on the blazing, verge-of-feedback guitars or pummeling rhythms. “Let You In” is classic power-pop revved up and played LOUD - a pogo party in under two minutes.

Terry Malts are playing the Brick and Mortar Music Hall on August 27, with Girl Tears.

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"I like “A Little Lost” because it’s all about kissing. I love kissing. If I could kiss all day, I would. I can’t stop thinking about kissing. I like kissing more than sex because there’s no end to it. You can kiss forever. You can kiss yourself into oblivion. You can kiss all over the body. You can kiss yourself to sleep. And when you wake up, you can’t stop thinking about kissing. Dammit, I can’t get anything done because I’m so busy thinking about kissing. Kissing is madness! But it’s absolute paradise, if you can find a good kisser.
Arthur’s music is all over the place, but most of it seems to be about embracing darkness (loneliness) and ambiguity (confusion) with the biggest bear hug in the world. Catharsis! He didn’t give a shit about fads or fashion even as he was influenced by popular music, club music, and all that shitty art music at the Kitchen. He kind of cobbled it all together to create his own diverse musical language, He was funny as shit (a wordsmith, a master of the innuendo), but also dead serious (and blunt) about the deepness of his feelings, unafraid to express affection in his songs, without pandering or cliche. Arthur was real as shit. You can’t fake realness."
- Sufjan Stevens on why he chose to cover “A Little Lost” for Red Hot’s Arthur Russell tribute compilation (also featuring Robyn, Devendra Banhart, and more). Hear the cover over @ P4k

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If you were in Brooklyn recently and saw someone at the Nassau G station wearing a Homer Simpson rubber mask, you were witnessing the creation of Mac DeMarco’s video for Salad Days track “Chamber of Reflection.” For the video, DeMarco slowed the audio down to about half the album speed. The video’s credits thank Kiera McNally, Andrew White, Jasper Beydata, Shigeo Sekito, Colin Caulfield, and Jesus. Salad Days is out now on Captured Tracks.

Music mac demarco captured tracks

There is now a music video for the title track off Janelle Monáe’s latest LP, The Electric Lady. The video features cameos from T.I., Estelle, Esperanza Spalding, T-Boz, Monica, Kimbra, Joi, Fatima Robinson, and a guest appearance by Monáe’s real life mom. The press release for the video included choice quotes by Michelle Obama (the First Electric Lady) and her husband AKA POTUS, who says:

Janelle has performed at the White House, like, 15 times. There’s going to be an official Janelle Monáe room in the White House. We love her. Michelle and I love Janelle. We love her energy. We love her talent. But we most of all love her character. And anybody who gets a chance to talk to her, this is just a remarkable, strong, smart young lady. And I have to say nice things about her because she may be the only person in possession of a video in which I try to keep up with her and Usher on the dance floor. Now, this is top secret. She has promised that this will never be released. But she can blackmail me at any time.

For the record, I strongly support an official Janelle Monáe room in the White House.

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"Had to Hear," a single from Real Estate’s latest LP Atlas, is getting its very own music video. The video, directed by Richard Law, shows the band looking upsettingly happy in Mexico City, and precedes the release of a limited edition 7” featuring “Had to Hear” along with a cover of the Nerves’ track “Paper Doll”

Domino will be releasing said 7” on August 25.

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Like TV on the Radio, Pharmakon has released a trailer (directed by Jacqueline Castel) to announce her new album, Bestial Burden. The trailer is accompanied by a press release, describing how her hospitalization inspired the record.

After seeing internal photographs taken during the surgery, I became hyperaware of the complex network of systems just beneath the skin, any of which were liable to fail or falter at any time. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly that my mind took a while to catch up to the reality of my recovery. I felt a widening divide between my physical and mental self. It was as though my body had betrayed me, acting as a separate entity from my consciousness. I thought of my corporeal body anthropomorphically, with a will or intent of its own, outside of my will’s control, and seeking to sabotage. I began to explore the idea of the conscious mind as a stranger inside an autonomous vessel, and the tension that exists between these two versions of the self.

Sacred Bones will release Bestial Burden on October 14.

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